Weekly Family Law Update June 1, 2022

Your financial remedies case may not be kept private

Financial remedy proceedings, in which the court is asked to decide the divorce settlement, will by their nature involve the disclosure of details of the parties’ financial arrangements. Such matters are normally of course kept private, but a recent decision by a High Court judge may mean that privacy in financial remedy proceedings may no […]

Weekly Family Law Update April 14, 2022

What Happens to Pensions on Divorce?

In many divorces, pensions are one of the most valuable assets, often second only to the former matrimonial home. It is therefore essential to know how they are dealt with on divorce. But all too often those going through divorce do not appreciate their entitlement when it comes to pensions, with the result that they […]

Weekly Family Law Update March 9, 2022

No-fault divorce arrives at last

After at least three decades of campaigning for it, and one false-start, on the 6th of April a new system of no-fault divorce will finally be introduced in England and Wales. Since the early 1990s Resolution, the association of family lawyers, has been campaigning to replace the ‘blame game’ of the current (old) divorce system […]

Weekly Family Law Update February 7, 2022

Sorting out cohabitee property disputes with TOLATA

Property disputes between separating couples are usually of course resolved within divorce proceedings. But what if the parties were never married? How does a cohabiting couple resolve a dispute over the occupation or ownership of the property in which they lived together? There is a legal procedure available to people in such circumstances (and also […]

Weekly Family Law Update January 19, 2022

Is my spouse entitled to half my business?

It is obviously not unusual for someone going through divorce to have an interest in a business, whether as a sole or part owner. The divorce may be a very worrying time for them – after all, the business is one of their assets, and the divorce court divides all assets between the parties. Will […]

Weekly Family Law Update January 5, 2022

What is Parental Responsibility?

‘Parental responsibility’ is a term that regularly crops up in family law proceedings, but which is often quite misunderstood. So what exactly is parental responsibility, and how is it acquired? Legal definition Parental responsibility is defined as “all the rights, duties, powers, responsibilities and authority which by law a parent of a child has in […]