Weekly Family Law Update May 29, 2021

Our Children My Rights! (Part 2)

What can the Court’s do? There are lots of Orders open to the Court, an application can be made for a Child Arrangements Order to set out who the child should Live With (this was previously referred to as Residence) and how much time they spend with the other parent (this was previously referred to […]

Weekly Family Law Update May 22, 2021

Our Children My Rights!

When it comes to our children following separation it is one of the most emotive times and brings forward the difficult decisions and realties that separated parents face.  Sadly, the reality of not being in the same household as your most precious creation can send shockwaves through people and the reality becomes too much to […]

Weekly Family Law Update May 18, 2021

Family Law Specialists Continue to Expand

Prince Family Law has grown in size and reputation to become one of the leading specialist Family Law Practices in South Yorkshire and the East Midlands. We are looking to further expand and have a vacancy for a Solicitor / Legal Executive to join our highly experienced legal team. This offers an exceptional opportunity for […]