Weekly Family Law Update June 18, 2021

Domestic abuse, court recovery and marriage age

Judge criticised for outdated attitudes to abuse A District Judge has been criticised for having “outdated attitudes” to the issue of domestic abuse, in a case concerning a dispute between parents over the father’s contact with his child. The mother in the case had made various allegations of abuse against the father, and the court […]

Weekly Family Law Update June 14, 2021

New-born babies and no-fault divorce

Rise in new-born babies subject to care proceedings A new research study commissioned by the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory has revealed a significant increase in the number of new-born babies (i.e. babies under two weeks old) in England and Wales who are subject to care proceedings. The research found that in England the number of […]

Weekly Family Law Update June 6, 2021

A superyacht, sentencing mothers and Chinese divorce

Court refuses to transfer superyacht to wife The former wife of a Russian oligarch has failed in an attempt to have a superyacht belonging to her ex-husband transferred to her. In 2016 the High Court in London awarded Tatiana Akhmedova a divorce settlement of £453 million. However, her ex-husband, Farkhad Akhmedov, has failed to comply […]