Costs, a settled case and support for cohabiting couples

Weekly Family Law Update | July 23, 2021

Husband criticised for “intransigent stance” A judge has criticised a husband for what he called the husband’s “intransigent stance” to negotiating the settlement of a divorce financial dispute. The judge said that the husband’s stance rendered the case ‘unsettleable’, as a result of which nearly £900,000 of legal costs were incurred. Mr Justice Mostyn said […]

Remote hearings, Cafcass and FDACs

Weekly Family Law Update | July 20, 2021

All of the news this week comes from the President of the Family Division, who has provided an update upon recent developments in the family justice system. Pandemic response The President has expressed his respect for the way in which the family courts responded to the pandemic, moving almost on one day from normal to […]

Remote hearings, domestic abuse and child maintenance

Weekly Family Law Update | July 12, 2021

Remote hearings may impede justice, warns Law Society Access to justice must be the principle consideration when deciding if remote hearings in family courts are appropriate, the Law Society of England and Wales has warned, in its response to a consultation by the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory on family justice recovery plans following the pandemic. […]

Drug tests, Cafcass and child maintenance

Weekly Family Law Update | July 4, 2021

Police investigating drug tests It has emerged that Greater Manchester Police are investigating the possible falsification of thousands of drug tests at a forensic laboratory. The tests, which analysed hair, blood, and urine for quantities of illegal substances, were used in criminal, family, coronial and employment cases. The investigation has uncovered 27,000 test reports which […]

Domestic abuse, court recovery and marriage age

Weekly Family Law Update | June 18, 2021

Judge criticised for outdated attitudes to abuse A District Judge has been criticised for having “outdated attitudes” to the issue of domestic abuse, in a case concerning a dispute between parents over the father’s contact with his child. The mother in the case had made various allegations of abuse against the father, and the court […]

New-born babies and no-fault divorce

Weekly Family Law Update | June 14, 2021

Rise in new-born babies subject to care proceedings A new research study commissioned by the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory has revealed a significant increase in the number of new-born babies (i.e. babies under two weeks old) in England and Wales who are subject to care proceedings. The research found that in England the number of […]

A superyacht, sentencing mothers and Chinese divorce

Weekly Family Law Update | June 6, 2021

Court refuses to transfer superyacht to wife The former wife of a Russian oligarch has failed in an attempt to have a superyacht belonging to her ex-husband transferred to her. In 2016 the High Court in London awarded Tatiana Akhmedova a divorce settlement of £453 million. However, her ex-husband, Farkhad Akhmedov, has failed to comply […]

Our Children My Rights! (Part 2)

Weekly Family Law Update | May 29, 2021

What can the Court’s do? There are lots of Orders open to the Court, an application can be made for a Child Arrangements Order to set out who the child should Live With (this was previously referred to as Residence) and how much time they spend with the other parent (this was previously referred to […]

Our Children My Rights!

Weekly Family Law Update | May 22, 2021

All too often I am asked the following questions from clients who are unable to reach amicable arrangements for their children: What are my Rights? The thing to remember is, where parents are married, or where a child was born after 01 December 2003 and the father is named on the birth certificate both parents […]