A conscious uncoupling or a plain old divorce?

General | April 10, 2014

Here at PFL, we’re not sure that the general public feel that sympathetic when a celebrity couple separate. So when Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced their split last week, we noticed that social media, online news sites, and other law-focused bloggers were all of a flurry; but it wasn’t top of the conversation topics […]

Divorce: What it means to our children

General | March 3, 2014

Here at Prince Family Law we find that divorce is a topic discussed right across the web – and not just by other law firm sites or legal organisations. Divorce is an issue that touches nearly every family in the UK in some way or other. We’ve written before about how patterns of divorce in […]

Is getting a divorce your New Year’s resolution?

General | January 23, 2014

My own decision to divorce came about on a sunny June evening. I had a moment best described as an epiphany, during which I realised that my then spouse was never going to be able to make the internal adjustments necessary, as I saw it, to keep us together. Similarly, I couldn’t see how to make the compromise […]

Books to Help Children Through A Divorce

General | August 16, 2013

Divorce: Helping the kids to read their way through it We’ve looked before at the issues that can hit children whose parents are divorcing. Let’s not shy away from the truth of it; it is tough on children to witness the breakdown of their own family. You may have agonised over your decision, and considered […]

Not In Front Of The Kids

General | May 30, 2013

A common story of broken hearts and hostility Of late, the character of Roy in Coronation Street has been trying to forge a relationship with his father, but has faced anger and hostility from his mother. Her anger towards her ex-husband has not abated despite the passing of many years. Soaps make a habit of […]

The winner takes it all – or do they?

General | May 16, 2013

A very public Swedish divorce – or two… It is one of those songs that everyone knows all the words to. It pops up on the radio, as we drive home from work, and we belt it out, remembering those more carefree days spent in cheesecloth and bellbottoms. ABBA’s worldwide no.1 hit, ‘The Winner Takes […]