Weekly Family Law Update November 10, 2022


A divorce or separation – no matter what the catalyst – is difficult and emotional. There’s a reason it is classed as one of life’s most stressful experiences.

Even if you know ending your relationship is the right course of action, you may feel your world has been turned upside down. Please know it’s OK to struggle with the impact this will have on your emotional and mental wellbeing.

A maelstrom of feelings

As expert family law solicitors, we try to help our clients come to terms with the issues that stem from separation and divorce. We see first-hand the emotional impact it can have, not only on the adults involved, but also on any children in the family.

It is important to recognise that it is normal for your feelings to change. It is not unusual to be confused, sad, frustrated or even angry – maybe all of the above! – and these emotions can be intense and overwhelming. Whilst the decision to separate may be the right one, venturing into the unknown is scary, so there may be added anxiety about what the future holds.

Share your worries

‘Keep calm and carry on’ they say. Well sometimes, it’s just not possible.

We often see and hear from clients who feel they simply have to persevere regardless, put a brave face on it and stifle their emotions. However, it is important to give yourself time to process what is effectively grief. You need to mourn the passing of your relationship if you are to heal and regroup.

Don’t be afraid to share your worries with friends and family, or even your solicitor. We are all here to help you through these difficult times. Clients who have opened up tell us just speaking about what they are going through helps enormously. Being able to recognise when outside help and additional support might be needed is also very important and we can suggest the following links:-

Derbyshire Health Care

NHS Talking Therapies


Be there for your children

Divorce impacts on children, no matter how much you try to shield them from the adult issues. Their lives will never be the same again and a ‘new normal’ will have to be found.

Listen to any worries your children may have about the situation and let them know they can rely on you. However, don’t over confide in them about how you are feeling. No matter what you think about your partner, children love both their parents and don’t want to hear negative comments about either of them.

Maintaining stability and routine is important to help children adjust – remember, they are remarkably resilient. We can help you come to an agreement that works for everyone, even if you are having difficulties resolving matters yourself.

What next?

We will do all we can to address issues with your former partner or spouse in a non-confrontational way that enables everyone to move forward with their lives.

Often seeking legal advice and being able to formulate a clear plan about how to progress, helps the situation immensely. Power struggles and arguments will only exacerbate existing emotional and mental health issues.

At Prince Family Law we offer a free 30-minute consultation for anyone interested in our services. Our excellent team of support staff are always on hand to offer reassurance and liaise with you and the fee earner involved in your case to ensure you receive a first-class service.