Forcing square pegs into round holes just doesn’t go

General | January 28, 2014

In 2011, the current government began laying out its plans for cutting the then annual 2 billion legal aid bill. Following the usual consultations and passage into the statute books, the changes to the scope of legal aid provision came into effect in April 2013. Though they are not yet a year old, it has […]

Is getting a divorce your New Year’s resolution?

General | January 23, 2014

My own decision to divorce came about on a sunny June evening. I had a moment best described as an epiphany, during which I realised that my then spouse was never going to be able to make the internal adjustments necessary, as I saw it, to keep us together. Similarly, I couldn’t see how to make the compromise […]

Staying On Topic

General | January 6, 2014

Well, after just a few months of blogging here at Prince Family Law we’re feeling rather pleased with ourselves. It would seem that, without realising it, we are right on topic when it comes to the subjects we choose to blog about. At the end of last year, Grant Thornton, the accountancy and advisory firm, […]