Where Family law and Company law meet: Petrodel v Prest revisited

General | July 26, 2013

We have written before about the general principles that operate when it comes to the division of assets upon divorce. In broad terms, the principle of a 50:50 split is applied, and parties to the divorce are encouraged to make arrangements for the distribution of shared assets without a court order. The courts are unwilling […]

The Inconsistent Consistencies of UK Surrogacy Law

General | July 7, 2013

The most clichéd outcome any of us can imagine in relation to surrogacy, is the surrogate mother deciding not, in the end, to hand over the baby. And thus this is precisely what has happened in a recent Coronation Street storyline. Of course, there were a few ‘shocking’ twists and turns added in for dramatic […]

The Rise of the Silver Separators’

General | July 2, 2013

ITV’s new comedy drama ‘Love and Marriage’, which began last month, stars Alison Steadman. The series documents the marital breakdown of a pair of ‘silver-separators’; in other words, a couple who have been married long enough to see the grandkids arrive and their work lives come to an end. Steadman plays Pauline, who, upon retiring […]